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Detail info
RGB300-5000 animation laser 300mw-5000mw

Technical Features:

◆RGB 300mw-5000mw animation laser
Laser power: RGB 300mw-5000mw
Laser Color:  7 colors or 25 colors
Scanner system optional:
  20Kpps@+/15 degree
  30k pps@+/20 degree
  40k pps@+/15 degree
Beam divergence<1.5mrad
◆Beam diameter: 3mm
Control mode:ILDA.DMX512.Auto.sound
Security system:The key of power switch
Cooling way:Air cooling and TE cooling
Effect:Laser on-off\rolling\moving\rotating\zoom-/+\extend\
stepdraw\dot draw\scanner speed, etc
Supply power:AC100-240V  50-60HZ
Casing Size:600*280*170mm
Gross Weight: 25kg
Application: Disco, Pub, Bar, KTV room, Clubs, Family party, etc
RGB power optional:
RGB300mw: R:150mw/650nm,G:50mw/532nm,B:100mw/445nm
RGB500mw: R:350mw/650nm,G:50mw/532nm,B:100mw/445nm
RGB800mw: R:500mw/650nm,G:100mw/532nm,B:200mw/445nm
RGB1000mw: R:500mw/650nm,G:200mw/532nm,B:300mw/445nm
RGB1500mw: R:800mw/650nm,G:200mw/532nm,B:500mw/445nm
RGB2000mw: R:1000mw/650nm,G:200mw/532nm,B:800mw/445nm
RGB2500mw: R:1000mw/650nm,G:500mw/532nm,B:1000mw/445nm
RGB4000mw: R:1500mw/650nm,G:500mw/532nm,B:2000mw/445nm
RGB5000mw: R:2500mw/650nm,G:500mw/532nm,B:2000mw/445nm
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